Our Interior Design Process

The process may include all or some of the following steps based on the interior design project type and scope:

Initial Consultation/Information Gathering

  • Meet with clients to define scope of project
  • Walk through space
  • Review architectural plans
  • Discuss goals, client’s vision, requirements, budget, etc.


Define the Work & Contract

  • Based on client needs, our involvement in the project, and budget we submit a contract outlining the scope of the work to be completed
  • Client approval of contract, signing and submitting with deposit


Survey Interior Space

  • Take measurements and photographs of existing space for reference throughout project; noting all pertinent site conditions


  • Checking dimensions of existing architectural plans/blueprints


Space Plan

Drafting of space plan options and any elevations indicating custom architectural detailing, cabinetry, built-ins, tile designs, etc.

Conduct Research

  • Research furniture, wall-finish design, floor design, fabric, lighting, etc.
  • Preparation of all design concepts to be presented


  • Meeting with client to present plans and all design concepts with options
  • Receive feedback from client (gather any alternative items needed)


Estimating Interior Design Project

  • Price all selections made at presentation
  • Review scope of design and work to be completed with architects/contractors/subcontractors etc. to receive estimates (onsite meetings or from blueprints)
  • Compiling of a clear and complete set of project costs for both materials and labor


Review Project Costs with Client

  • Upon client’s approval and deposit, furniture, fabrics, lighting, wallcovering, flooring, etc. are ordered and contracted work is scheduled


Project Management

  • Oversee contracted services from beginning to end with ongoing communication with client and all subcontractors (painting, wallpapering, carpentry, floor installation, plumbing, electrical, etc.)
  • Track/schedule/coordinate delivery for all furniture and furnishings
  • Research artwork and accessories in preparation for installation



  • Receive/inspect/oversee furniture delivery
  • Install finishing artwork and accessories
  • Follow up after installation